Friday, December 23, 2005

At Loose Ends

Spent the morning packing up my stuff and waiting for an opportunity to speak to Dr. D about this other lab. His last appointment was supposed to be at 11:00, but he had a slew of walk-ins. I finally couldn't stand it another minute and walked over there about 12:30.

Apparently my ex-boss is telling him one thing and me another. Dr. K assured him we would only be inoperable for "a couple of months at most". So he was a little confused when I presented him with the option of going with this other lab. But he said he'd be happy to speak with the rep.

It's just a matter of space. He has none in his office. The lab space is already leased to Dr. K and unless he agrees to sublet it, that's

All I know is if I don't get my final paycheck...he'll be hearing from an attorney. I've saved up a huge amount of timecards and he's never once paid me time and a half OT like the law requires. I and several other disgruntled employees can make his life very uncomfortable for him if need be.

Update: Spoke with the Sales Rep for the other lab. She's calling Dr. D on Tuesday, then calling me to meet her for coffee after so she can give me the skinny. She did say that even if things don't work out with Dr. D there's a very good possibility that her company can find a position for me.

Tomorrow I'll be heading over to the lab to filch the lab logs for Sept. & Oct. so her boss can see what kind of volume I've been doing.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Effing Christmas

I'm out of a job.

My boss called me this afternoon and told me that due to some "legal problems" that have come up with Medicare/Medicaid billing he had to let me go. (Nothing that involved me) He said he was really sorry, tried to get an extension but the gov't said no way, he had to close down immediately. No severence, just paid through tomorrow. Probably won't even get the vacation time I'm owed.

So, tomorrow, I'm cleaning out my office.

On the bright side (and I always try to look for the bright side), a friend who also got laid off called and said that it really didn't matter to her because she had another job and was going to turn in her notice anyway.

A new lab is in town and they're full service (as opposed to my former employer). They came into the office where she was working, offered the doctors a better deal, they took it. The lab then turned around and offered my friend her same job with a huge raise!

She called the sales rep for this lab, told them my situation and she said she'd call me tomorrow and said if they get the contract for the doctor I've been working with, they'll hire me.

So, please keep toes crossed, think good thoughts, say a prayer, light a whatever you can to help me get through this, please!

On the knitting front, my little group has decided to return to the place where we were originally meeting. A little French style place that has scrummy, but too expensive food, and horrid lighting. The chairs are hard on middle-aged rear-ends and the surrounding conversations can sometimes get so loud it's hard to hear ourselves think let alone what we're saying to one another.

Well, I think I've rattled on enough. I'm throwing together chili dogs for supper tonight and I must get cracking.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Congratulations--It's a Tree!

We finally have a Christmas tree! We'd put it off for so long because of the carpet that I was afraid we'd end up with one of those Charlie Brown trees that drop needles every time you look at it, but we got a nice, fresh cut tree...paid a little more than I wanted, but hey, you can't have everything. (I keep telling myself that, but I don't really believe it.)

Yesterday was one of those days that make me wish I had a rewind button on my life. Apparently I forgot to make sure the bottom part of the gate confining "the girls" into the kitchen was latched. When Himself got home there were about a dozen pulls in the carpet. He just HAD to call me and blast me about it, even though it was a mistake...not something I'd done was half MY money that bought that carpet, after all.

Right after that, this doddering old couple (she's 89 and he's 90) come wobbling into the lab. They're regulars, so you'd think they'd know the drill, but I have to ASK them for their insurance even though I have a sign right there in front of them telling them I need to see it at every visit. (apparently 38 point Arial Bold font is too small for their aged eyes).

The old lady gets in the back and I have to ask her to take her coat off, ask her to roll up her sleeve. (Not the left sleeve, the RIGHT sleeve. You've been here before, remember???) Then I can't find a vein. I ask if she's had any water to drink. "No, but I've had several cups of coffee."

~~sigh~~ I move to her hand and while I'm lecturing her yet again on why she needs to drink water on the days she has doctor appointments, the vein is repeatedly collapsing on me. Only by sheer determination that I'm only going to stick this woman once was I able to collect enough for the lab.

Then she has the nerve to get pissy with me for being aggravated!!!

Today her husband comes in--alone. Not sure what she did or did not tell him, but he was nice as can be and for the first time ever -- he was adequately hydrated! Knock me over with a feather! On top of that, he was cordial (something he's never been before). The fact that he tried to give me his VISA card in place of his Medicare card, and that he drove himself--well, let's just say, he's lucky I'm honest and I'm glad I wasn't on the road at the same time he was!

Joke of the Day: What do you get when you cross Johnny Mathis with a Beagle?

Ans: The dog that lives next door. (Earplugs definitely recommended. Acoholic nightcap optional)

Nighty Nite

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Guild Sunday

I wound up taking a box of Walker's Shortbread to the guild party, but I could have saved myself the effort. We were very heavy (pardon the pun) on desserts and not enough "real" food this year. Just the opposite of last year.

I sold about $100 worth of my alpaca. Whoo-hoo!! I'll take it to Distaff Day on January 8th and maybe I'll sell the rest.

Distaff Day, from what I've been told, originally was the day when the women of the household resumed the chore of spinning after the Christmas/Yule holidays. But for us, it's just another excuse to get together, spin yarns (the fibery stuff as well as stories) and eat yummy foods.

We usually hold our annual stash clean out sale in November but due to a conflict, we decided to hold it at Distaff Day. It'll be quite an event. I've been working on bagging up stuff I want to delete from my stash. (Don't ask me why I had to have that Leiscester Longwool--because I don't know!!)