Monday, May 21, 2007

Musings of a Perpetually Exhausted Brain

Not sure what the deal is lately, but I seem to be chronically exhausted.

I think it started a little over a week ago when Her Royal Highness, Princess PITA, the old lady dog, got sick and kept us awake two nights running.

I had my first Saturday off and ALONE at home in what felt like YEARS (probably was years!) and was looking forward to spending it in my bower, sipping coffee and getting a writing contest entry polished up.

Instead, I spent the entire morning and well into the afternoon at the vet's office. HRH had a roaring urinary tract infection, pancretitis (thanks hubby for feeding her junk food! ) and some sort of weird ataxia thing going on with her balance. So, two hundred dollars poorer and 6 hours later, we went home.

Since then, I've felt like I just can't catch up on my sleep, even when I get a full night's rest.

Then, just for fun, last night, I had the mother of all nightmares, involving birds, the SWAT team, a lawn that threatened to swallow me, a GRW chapter president who flung plastic dog turds at me,(is that some sort of metaphore or what???) and a synopsis that refused to come together.

For the first time in my life, I was actually happy when the alarm clock went off-- for about half a second...then I realized I still hadn't figured out that #$#$#%$ synopsis!!!