Thursday, January 12, 2006

Anyone See A Shoe?

     I’m looking for a lost shoe. Its mate is still in the top of my closet where it normally lives, but the shoe in question is not. I think elves have taken it to play dress up. I’ve looked for the shoe and can’t find it anywhere. It’s not like it’s hard to spot. How many gold-tone leather pumps can there be in one house?
     At any rate, in less than 24 hours hubby and I will be boarding a plane for Los Angeles, so that means that all necessary items for our trip must be packed tonight. The elves must simply fork over the shoe or I’ll have to go buy another pair. I’ve given them a 12:30pm deadline.
     Yesterday the main characters for my next book simply would not leave me alone. They insisted that I write something for them. I figured I should probably do what they said or they wouldn’t give me a moments peace on my cruise.
     I wrote 38 pages.
     One minute it was 8:30 in the morning and the next thing I know it’s getting dark out. The only reason I came up for air was because the dog was dancing the pee-pee dance and barking frantically at me.
     I looked at the clock on the monitor and gloriosky! It was 5:30! I rushed through the house, threw a load of clothes in the washer, filled the dishwasher (and let the dog out), took a quick shower and still managed to make it to my knitting group on time.
     Poor Stitch N Bitch Gwinnett.  We’ve had a time of it lately. When I first started going, they were meeting at a little restaurant with hideous lighting and very uncomfortable chairs.
     A new gal joined the group and her partner just happened to work at a coffeehouse. She suggested we start meeting there. It was like knitter’s heaven. Comfy chairs and sofas, yummy food and drinks, and the lighting was excellent. Then, out of the blue, around Thanksgiving, the owners of the coffeehouse decided to close. They’d been open a mere six months or so and weren’t yet making a profit. Yet another fine example of the expectation of instant gratification.
     The following week we met at a Starbucks. Nasty, overroasted, overpriced coffee, teensy tables with teensy chairs and the atmosphere clearly indicated it was a “no loitering zone”.
     Back to the restaurant we went. Then one bright member suggested the library. Hallelujah! Nice wide tables to spread out large projects, chairs that are kind to middle-aged bums, and the lighting! Oh, I could wax poetic about the lighting! I think we may have found our new home. So what if they don’t sell food and drinks? If I want one that bad, I’ll bring it with me.
     This will be my last post until I return from the cruise. I promise to take lots of pictures and will post a couple so you can see what you missed!
     See you later~~

Sunday, January 08, 2006

St. Distaff's Day

Today the Handspinners Guild celebrated St. Distaff's Day. I'm sure it's not in any way the traditional type of celebration that used to go on back in the day, but we enjoy it.

This year we held our annual Market Day today, as well. Members use this as an opportunity to clear out their stash and/or buy stuff from other members. I brought a some wool I'd culled from my own stash as well as my suri alpaca. The wool sold, but the alpaca was a wash today. Oh well, maybe next month.

Quite unexpectedly, I came home with a spinning wheel. Not that I don't already have one, mind you. I have a very respectable little Ashford Kiwi. And it's been a very nice wheel for the last 4 years--for a beginner. But--I'm no longer a beginner and I've been longing for a more advanced wheel.

The new wheel is an Ashford Traditional (a "traddy" in the lingo). She's about 25 years old. She's not quite as portable as the Kiwi, but that's fine. She fits in the trunk of my car and that works for me.

Another plus is that I have a potential buyer for the Kiwi, so my net out of pocket cost for the Traddy will be a whopping $50. Can't beat a buy like that!

Here's a picture of me and the new girl getting to know each other:

She still hasn't told me what her name is, but she did mention that she likes the living room very much and would like to stay there!

Haven't heard anything on the new job, so I think I'll email them tomorrow. I have to go to the unemployment office and sit through two hours of mind-numbingly boring lecture on "how to get a job" and "how to market yourself". All in order to keep getting my benefits. Ugh!

I wonder if they'd object if I brought my knitting with me--or do they expect me to take notes???