Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Fourteen

There's this "thing" going round lately called the Thursday Thirteen, where bloggers list thirteen things that have gone on in their life during the past week.

Well, since I was working yesterday and couldn't post anything even if I'd been inclined, I decided to do something a bit here's my contribution to the world of listmaking:

1. Saturday the whole family crammed into dd (the younger's) rental car and we all headed for the cousin's place in Tennessee for a visit. Stopped at a dairy outside Anniston, AL, bought yummy cheese and chocolate milk.
2. Saturday afternoon, a feast fit for royalty! Homemade hummus, salad from the garden, baked macaroni and cheese...awesome...and great company! We ate and talked...then ate and talked some more until it was time to go to sleep. I really enjoy my visits with family.
3. Sunday we hung out at the cousin's place. Took cousin Bill's VW up the mountain to the cabin, where he got drilled in the eye by an angry wasp. DD (the elder) spent a good deal of time de-ticking the farm dogs.
4. Sunday afternoon. After a lunch of grilled burgers and chocolate cake, we packed up the car, where we made room for lots of plants courtesy of Cousin Jon, and trekked back to Atlanta. Much whinging on the part of DD (the elder) as she was squished between hubby and I. To placate her, we stopped so she could buy fireworks.
5. Monday, saw dd (the younger) and her hubby off for their trip back home to LaLa Land. Miss them terribly. Won't see them again until December when DD graduates from college and gets her RN degree.
6. Monday, drove home from a blood drive in Madison, right into the clutches of a major storm. Got pelted with hail the size of boulder marbles and thought my windshield was going to shatter. I took shelter beside a semi-truck and crawled at 30 mph home. Sleep required the use of drugs to quiet my shattered nerves.
7.Tuesday worked a blood drive at a church in Loganville. They put on a wonderful "refreshment" table. Best banana pudding you ever ate!!
8. Wednesday, got up in the wee smalls to work up in Gainesville. Spoke with Julianne, future Godess of Regency Romance...she kept me company on my drive to Athens.
9. Tuesday, after blood drive in Gainesville, drove to Athens to take a test on Personal Protective Equipment. ~~sigh~~ pretty pathetic when you have to be told how to put on a lab coat!
10. Tuesday evening, went to Costco and the Farmer's Market to get some provisions. I have a full fridge and nothing to eat! We Americans are so wasteful!!
11. Thursday, got up again in the wee smalls...this time for a blood drive at the local police department. I had the early shift. Not bad, and I enjoy this blood drive. It's nice and relaxed and the people are great. We got 10% over our goal, which was nice.
12. Thursday. Got home around 1:30 in the afternoon, tried to work on my writing and fell asleep at my laptop. Must have slept a couple of hours.
13. Made dinner for the first time this week. Stuffed chicken breast with Sesame glaze and green beans. Yum. After dinner, I went out to the garden and put together a birdbath out of terra cotta pots and saucers. I hope the birds like it!
14. Friday...I'm off today. I was on float and didn't get called, so as of 8 mins ago, I'm free. It's been raining this morning, so if it clears, I'll go out and plant my banana trees and the plants Jon gave me.