Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Best and Worst of 2007

I’m sitting here, listening to my hubby “iTune-surfing” and since the first full day of the New Year is drawing to a close, I feel I should come up with some words of wisdom for everyone.

I’ve resolved to be a better blogger this year since in 2007, I was inarguably, one of the least dependable bloggers of the year. I could blame it on the j-o-b, but I can only take that so far... even *I* get days off.

Okay, so words of wisdom: Don’t be afraid to try new things.

In 2007 I tried several new things, some of which I even liked.

I tried snorkeling, and I liked it. I’m sure I’ll like it even better when I can find some clear water with colorful fish in it that aren’t hell-bent on sending me to the nearest emergency room for the latest in antivenin therapy.

I also tried sea kayaking. This is something I could really get into, provided I lived within a reasonable driving distance to a body of water larger than a reservoir. As it stands, my only contact with seawater occurs on a roughly annual basis.

I tried driving with a GPS navigation system and I love it. Every night in my prayers I ask God to protect my TomTom. No more getting lost when it’s pitch dark, raining, foggy, etc…

Stila illuminating foundation…love it!

Fat Hair shampoo and conditioner…love it!

Felina bras…the girls and I love them!

New author, Raven Hart…awesome!

And the very BEST THING I tried in 2007: being the proud mama of a newly pinned Registered Nurse! :)

One thing I tried that I didn’t like so much was a nasty thing called shingles. Great googly-moogly! How in the name of Hippocrates did they survive this hideously cruel and painful revisit of the chickenpox virus before IV drugs???

Can’t say I was crazy about that Miami Vice movie, but the boats were cool.

Marlin tacos…nope, didn’t like them, either.

Books written in first person, present tense, nope, still don’t like ‘em. (If you write these, sorry, just bein’ honest!)

Lying, weasly timeshare salesmen (yeah, I got suckered) but I suppose there are worse things in life. I did NOT buy a timeshare, and I walked out $150 and 4 bottles of tequila richer, but still didn’t like it much.

Windows Vista…unless they come up with some major fixes for all the flaws pronto, the next time I see Bill Gates, I'm going to give him a fat lip and tell him to pass it along to his design team.

Okay, so, my brave little readers, get out there and this year, and try something new, something different! Who knows, you might just love it…you might wind up with a “fractional ownership” in a condo in Cabo, but hey, you might like that, too!

Best Wishes for a Fantastic 2008!