Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lady Cinthia's Bower

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, but sad lady. She was sad because there wasn't a single room in the castle she could call her own. She dearly wanted a place to dream, to escape from the cares of work-a-day life and to write down the wonderful stories that lived in her imagination.

The Lord of the castle, being a somewhat enlightened man, noticed his lady wife's sadness and asked what he could do to cheer her up. "I want a place of my own," she said.

While he went about his lordly duties he thought of what might please his lady and one day he found the perfect solution. He would build her a lovely bower.

And build it he did, with his own two hands and all the tools at his disposal.

Upon seeing it, his lady wife showered him with kisses and proclaimed it the most beautiful bower in all the land. She thanked her lord husband with great enthusiasm and from that day forth, whenever weather permitted, she spent time every day inside her beautiful bower, listening to the birds sing, dreaming her dreams and writing the wonderful stories of her imagination.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

All Decked Out and Ready for Summer

As I write this, I'm sitting outside with my feet up, a sunhat on, and my laptop where it should be--in my lap. And I'm watching my dear sweetie build my Mother's Day present. (I get up occasionally and hold the tape measure, hand him nails as needed, and provide cold beverages and food, so I'm not a complete sloth.)

"What could he be building?" you wonder.

He's building a deck for the pavillion we bought a few weeks ago.

Here in Georgia, as soon as the freezing weather abates, the mosquitoes, gnats and other perils of southern living emerge from hibernation and proceed to make outdoor life hell for anyone who dares venture past the confines of their domicile.

The pavillion will provide a haven from these fearsome beasties, as well as shelter from the sun. The plan is to run electricity for lighting as well as power for my laptop and the blender, which will render delightful frozen concoctions with which to cool the tongue and inspire the imagination.

Are you an outdoor type person, or do you prefer distancing yourself as far away from nature as you can? Do you have a favorite spot where you feel perfectly at ease? Tell us about it?