Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reflections of the Year Past

With 2006 coming to a close and me not having been as productive as I’d like, blog-wise, I decided to sit myself down and reflect on how life has been for Yours Truly this past year.

This time 365 days ago (more or less) I sat here, full of self-righteous anger at being laid off from a job I adored. Little did I know at that moment that I would play a frustrating game of donkey and carrot for six months with me being the poor hungry animal and a job being that elusive golden vegetable.

Finally, salvation came in the form of a position with the American Red Cross and while they’ve worked me to death the past five months, I’ve been very grateful to have this job. It’s allowed me to put food on the table, pay my bills and to buy a new car that was desperately needed.

At the close of 2005, I finished my sixth novel and this year, while I haven’t finished a seventh, I’ve started it, and been busy doing requested rewrites on last year’s effort.

My family is healthy and for that, I’m extremely grateful, though my beloved Uncle J gave us quite a scare with his heart back in the spring.

My younger daughter finished her first year of nursing school at the top of her class and will graduate around the middle of next December.

My older daughter transitioned from the building industry to more of a corporate job with a nice increase in perks as well as pay.

Needless to say, I’m very proud of both my girls.

For myself, all those hours behind the wheel, driving back and forth to blood drives, have given me plenty of “plotting” time. The creative well seems to be overflowing these days with ideas and I’m sure I could spend the next five years writing books based on the ideas generated during those commutes.

I’ve committed to doing a bit more volunteer work with Georgia Romance Writers, having written two articles for The Galley and I’m now the tape librarian.

In just two weeks, hubby and I will be departing for a cruise to the eastern coast of Mexico, Belize and Honduras to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary.

Look for pictures, as I’ll be taking not only my regular camera but a waterproof one for some underwater shots when we go snorkeling.

Last, but not least, I want to give a great big cyber hug to a couple friends.

Miss Mary, critique partner, surrogate mommy when needed and bestest buddy, I love you and am so glad to have you in my life.

Michelle, Web Mistress Extraordinaire, thanks a bazillion times over for all you’ve done for me this past year! I couldn’t have done any of this without you. You Rock!!!

With Best Wishes to All that 2007 brings you all the love, beauty and prosperity that life can bring,