Friday, April 13, 2007

Parlour Tricks

All my life I've had "hot" hands. That is, they're warmer than the average person's. I've used this to my advantage since working as a vampire--warmth makes blood flow very nicely in cold fingers.

Well, yesterday I had a donor who thought this little phenomenon was rather interesting, so I showed him how I can make him feel the warmth, even if I don't physically touch his skin. I "sandwiched" his hand between my two hands with about an inch of space between. Within seconds his hand began to get VERY warm.

It was at this point he confessed that he's into paranormal research and asked if he could perform a little experiment on me. So, when I had a break, he pulled out some sort of meter and a laser thermometer. First he pointed the meter at a control didn't really do anything. Then he pointed it at me...the meter went nutso.

Second, he used the laser to measure the control's skin temp. Then he had me do my thing with the hands...the guy's skin temp had gone up 4*F in 10 seconds!! LOL!

I always knew I was a little odd...

Sunni, the old lady dog, showed us a trick of her own at 11:45 last night, while hubby and I were fast asleep. (Warning, if you have a sensitive stomach, you might want to stop here.)

I've told hubby time and time again about giving the dogs junk food...maybe now he'll listen. He gave them each a couple bites of salami last night and it apparently disagreed with Sunni's digestion.

Just as we were falling asleep she jumped up on the bed and snuggled up between hubby and me--she NEVER does this, so I knew something was afoot. She positioned herself with her head right near hubby's. I fell asleep and an hour or so later--it happened.

I was dead asleep, and when hubby jumped up out of bed, shouting like the house was on fire. It took me a moment to figure out that he was telling me that Sunni had yarked all over his head. I turned on the light and sure enough....