Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Adventures

I know it’s been ages since I updated my blog. Sorry for the absence.

A LOT has happened since July 4th. It turns out that was a very fateful day for Yours Truly.

The Mall of Georgia, where we spent the day, had a lot of activities, one of which was a blood drive by the American Red Cross. I decided to donate a unit.

While I was getting my paperwork processed, I mentioned that I was an out-of-work phlebo to my technician, a great guy (and a cutie, too, I might add) named Travis. He suggested that I take my resume, along with a cover letter to the RC office in Athens.

Being desperate for a job, I did what he suggested the very next day and wound up being interviewed by the technician supervisor and the district manager.

A few days later, I got a temp job with a medical billing company. The work wasn’t exactly thrilling, but the people who work there are incredible and better yet, I got PERMISSION TO WRITE when I wasn’t busy—that was a LOT of the time!

I also attended the RWA National Conference which was held this year here in Atlanta.

I did a lot of networking. Met some great new friends! (Hi Squawkers!! Hi Divas!! Waves wildly) And attended the Literacy Autographing Party. That picture at the top is Yours Truly schmoozing with La Nora.

This picture above is my new friend, Vicki Elabd. Vicki is American, married to An Egyptian. She lives part time in Egypt and part time in New York State.
Above is Moi, with Best Selling author, and all around Sweetie, Christina Dodd.
Eloisa James, Christina Dodd and Teresa Medieros--exactly one half of the Squawk Radio crew. What a great bunch of gals.
Margaret Hite, one of my roomates, me, my CP, Mary, and our classmate Debbi Michalak after the Rita Awards ceremonies. Too bad you can't see the ginormous chocolate fountain in back of us!!
Someof the gang at the Squawk Radio luncheon. That's Connie Brockway in the center. Just to the left her, in the striped dress is the famous J. Perry Stone, my new buddy. We have LOT in common!!

One very important thing that happened at National was that I had an editor appointment and an agent appointment. Both of them were very interested in the projects I pitched and have requested partials. (Happy dancing)

Sadly, I also learned that the dear lady who introduced me to RWA, passed away about two years ago. Her name was Gwen Cleary. I hope she knew how grateful I am to her for telling me about this wonderful organization that has kept me moving forward in my quest for publication.

Back home from National, I discovered that my temp job would probably be offered to me as permanent position. Thinking about it, I decided things could be worse. I could hate the job, hate the people and be unable to write in my spare time, or too stressed out to write at all. So, I concluded, if they DID offer me the job, I’d accept.

Monday evening, I was at the doctor’s office and to my mortification, I’d forgotten to turn off my cell phone. I scuttled to the foyer to answer it.

It was the District Manager from the Red Cross wondering why I hadn’t returned Human Resources call.

Long story short—she was offering me a job!!!!!

So, tomorrow morning I start school—again. But this time it’s only for 3 weeks, then I begin work as a blood collection technician for the American Red Cross.

As a footnote, I’d like to stress how vitally important blood donations are.

I lost my dad just before Father’s Day and ironically my birthday in 1998. He died from a rare condition called Myleodysplastic Syndrome. It’s now classified as a type of blood cancer.

If it hadn’t been for blood transfusions and platelet transfusions, he wouldn’t have lived long enough for me to get on a plane and fly out to California and be with him for the last weeks of his life.

My sister, along with our aunt, (his baby sister) and I took him around to all the places he loved when he was a boy. We reminisced about his childhood, he told us things about when we were growing up and we said all those things you want to say but never do.

So, the next time you see a sign advertising a blood drive, stop and donate. You never know whose life you’re saving.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print for now. I'll pop back on this weekend for a quick update from school.

Please leave some comments so I know you're all still alive out there. Some times I feel like having a blog is like having goldfish....if you forget to feed them, they die.