Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ren Fest

Every year since I joined Peachtree Handspinners Guild, I've volunteered to help at our booth at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

I always have a vague "Brigadoon" feeling about me. The village only come to life once a year. This time the year was 1531 and King Henry VIII and his new bride Queen Anne Boleyn are visiting Newcastle.

Above, you can see a picture of me with my wheel, spinning "teal wool". Sadly, only a few of the villagers and the visitors actually got the pun!
This next picture is, from left, my daughter, Summer, myself, and Summer's friend, Jen, who came to visit me while they were in the village. Look in the background and you'll see the antique loom, still in fine working order that graces our booth. This year, the weaving was dishcloths. They'll be raffled off later this year to raise money for the guild.

This is Jen modeling the dress that she had made for her. I think she looks quite the fetching maiden in it! But I teased her about either being a fever victim or a witch with her short-cropped hair! :)

What would a village be without a dragon? And someone to master him?
This little fellow obviously escaped from his television commercials long enough to visit the village and rather than floating around on a lawn chair, he has his trusty steed to take him where he wants to go.
Here you can see King Henry and Queen Anne as they parade through the village, waving and greeting their subjects.
On hand to protect their majesties are the Three Musketeers, who don't need a reason, only a place to knock swords with the Cardinal and his henchmen. (Below)
In the picture above, behind the Cardinal's henchmen, you can see Mother and Father Goose's cottage. Little children from all over come to pet the geese and ducks, which is very entertaining for us spinsters.

All in all, it was a very fine day, though I sweltered in my heavy skirts. Next year, I hope to visit more than just one day. I love going around to all the stalls to see what wondrous things the village craftsmen and women have made to sell.

So, do you have a Renaissance Festival where you live? Have you visited? What do you like best?