Tuesday, August 07, 2007

She's Got Books

As I sit here, typing, I can look in any given direction and make "eye contact" if you will, with a book.

Romance novels, how to train your dog, books on religion, travel books, memoirs--you name it, I have at least one example residing either in a stack, on a shelf, in a box, or just hanging out here in the horrid little space of what will shortly NOT be my office.

Now that Dear Daughter (the elder) has moved across the city with her Tizzle (I kid you not), and the-cat-without-a-tail, there's an empty room in my house, that is begging to be occupied.

Said room has an excellent view of the back yard, and is now a gorgeous shade of Aegean blue with bright white trim. In two weeks, it will have new carpet the color of sand, and Roman shades made of bamboo covering the windows.

In the meantime, I've been collecting boxes like a squirrel collects nuts, in the hopes that I can put some order to my "Library".

I have doubts there are enough bookshelves in Georgia to hold all the books I own. Therefore, some of my precious pets will have to go to new homes.

Some are going to a nifty little store called "Books For Less", where I can get store credit to buy other used books to replace the ones I turned in. Some, that I decided for whatever reason not to read, will be dusted off and given to Miss Mary for her to use in our monthly raffle baskets to raise money for literacy here in Georgia. And a lucky few will be given to a local nursing home to brighten the lives of the residents.

But mostly, the books will just get put in a box for a few weeks, then reshelved in my new digs once it's ready for occupancy.

To add insult to injury, Michelle Buonfiglio, of Romance: B(u)y The Blog, suggested the most intriguing book yesterday, and now, I know I must have it. Check her site out if you're curious.

So, are you addicted to books? Do you have so many they sit in stacks around your house and get dusted like a piece of furniture? What's the last book you read? Love it? Hate it? Why?