Thursday, July 15, 2010

Attention Pet Owners! (Warning: Rant Ahead!)

Okay, I'm really ticked off right now. Today I had to deal with a bunch of intelligence challenged rednecks who can't possibly wrap their brains around the idea that dogs are LIVING CREATURES. Not once, but twice. I didn't know whether to "go postal" or cry.

If that statement is a revelation to you, yes, you read that right. ANIMALS CAN FEEL PAIN.

One SFBs decided 92* in the shade without a drop of water for 3 hours was a lovely temperature for his elderly bulldog. The dog ended up with heat stroke. I offered to call a vet AND PAY FOR IT MYSELF. The asshole turned me down flat, saying "she's done okay before". An hour later, after bathing the dog in ice water, her eyes were still glazed over, her tongue was purple and she was foaming at the mouth. That's when he finally decide it might be a good idea to take her to the vet.

Second idiot thought it would be fun to bring her chihuahua to a blood drive. When told the dog wasn't allowed in an area where medical procedures take place (DOH!) she handed it off to her kid who grew bored, then LOCKED THE DOG IN THE CAR!

Again, it was nearly 100* out.

The moment I saw the kid without the dog, I asked her where it was, she told me, and I ordered her to get the dog out of the car immediately unless she wanted a dead dog.

I don't usually resort to profanity, but these people are Effing Idiots!

PLEASE, please, I implore you...leave your pets at home where they belong. They're pets, not fashion accessories! Every year thousands of pets lose their lives because their owner had a brain fart or just didn't give a damn, and left them in the heat without water or locked them in a sweltering car.

Would you do this to your child or grandchild???? No? Then why would you do it to your pet???

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